PAM, through PAM Education Fund (PEF), decided in October 2010 to purchase a two and four storey building on Jalan Tanduk, Bangsar with the initial intention of developing it as an architect-driven centre for contemporary arts in the same spirit as the National Art Gallery, and Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), in their formation days.

However, as a result of the notice given by DBKL to PAM to move out of PAM Centre by June 2012, PAM Council has decided to change the design brief to accommodate a new PAM Centre and Centre of Architecture.


The competition was conducted in a single stage and open to all PAM Corporate members. At the closing date of the registration on 9 May 2012, a total of 55 submissions of registrations were received. At the closing date of the design submission on 30 May 2012, a total of 36 entries were received. The judging of the entries was conducted on 4 June 2012.

The Winner, HMA & Associates (Ar. Mohd Heikal bin Hasan) came up with a design that is elegant and efficient solution on a very tight, highly constrained site with the east-facing front façade with its strong but simple grid creates a flexible canvas for various screening devices to be deployed. The diagonally stacked landscaped open atriums on the street façade makes a distinctive tropical statement. The stepped atriums alongside the long single flight of stairs opens up the stairs, creating a dramatic central connecting space to unify the whole building .