“The Invisible Room” by Artist Jun On

“The Invisible Room” by Artist Jun Ong is a spatial installation that borrows the anatomy of the park trees. Locally, we tend to redefine outdoor spaces as simply as placing light tubes on tress to illuminate an activity taking place below. The Installation explores the potential of light and order as place making tools, in this case expanding on the space defined by the walls of lights. The usage of artificial lights and programming introduces a new and dynamic dimension to the park and suggests opportunities for new forms of public interactions.



PAM’s outreach Program for KLAF 2016; KLAFXPAVILLION Objective



Event Details

An open to public, urban street-art light installation by emerging light artist, Jun Ong. Comprising of about 30 pax light tubes light display, at Laman Standard & Charted, Jalan Pinang. For 3 days, from the 21st to 23rd July, light installation display would run from 7-10pm daily.

The pavillion was launched during #PAMDESIGNFORUM on (Wednesday), 21sts of July 2016.




Strategic Partners, Sponsors & Collaborators

Main Organiser |  

Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia | PAM

Strategic Partner |


Venue Sponsor |

Standard&Chartered + DBKL



Official KLAFXPAVILLION Lights Supplier| Philips

Official KLAFXPAVILLION Contractor | PICO


Official | streetart@KLAFXPAVILLION  Sponsor | Jotun


Collaborators & Participants 

Raziman Sarbini & Pengiran Khairul Qayyum

Lim Kok Wing University