Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2016

Kuala Lumpur Architecture festival is an annual celebration of Architecture and Urbanism in Kuala Lumpur, in it’s progress of becoming a lead regional and global city. The event takes place for 9 days- 20th-29th July 2016, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

Future Communities; re-emergence of social urbanism; With the background of a fast developing economy, this year’s theme looks at the importance of architecture with a social purpose as being centric to building today’s cities and the proactive role of the city inhabitants as protagonist to this narrative of Kuala Lumpur as a future city. This year’s theme seek to further clarify; what then, is Architecture's role to envision, facilitate and manage such scales of urbanization to shape the physical and social fabric of the city?

Participants of the festival comprising of architects, designers, economist, development agencies, planners, and academicians, having done work in developing economies, will bring their knowledge, experience and expertise in the discourse on design thinking, ideas, strategies and work that could further the future cities vision.

Festival Theme | Future Communities; re-emergence of social urbanism

The shift of economic supremacy to the East, unprecedented rates of urban migration and burgeoning demographics has resulted in the rise of megacities within the context of emerging economies.

With accelerated, unsustainable urbanization weighing heavily on global resources, there is a need to move away from object-centric to people-centred paradigms for the city and the urban community.

A stronger ethical conscience, riding on the reach of social media, is resurging across global boundaries, creating a renewed belief in architecture with a social purpose.

What then is Architecture's role to envision, facilitate and manage such scales of urbanization to shape the physical and social fabric of the city?

What must the Architect do as a leader in paving the way towards the Future Communities of the world?

New Events in Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2016


Apart from the ongoing participation from, credible, established and ground-breaking speakers, which has seen a steady increase of subscription to the 3 main events, Datum PAM Conference, PAM Design Forum & PAM Green Forum, this year's Architecture Festival sought to be more meaningful by adding more spectrum to the conversation of Architecture and Urbanism through providing an effective platform of participation to additional stake-holders, namely, the public, media, industry leaders and policy makers.


This year's festival features the inaugural PAM Public Lecture, and two PAM Roundtable sessions; namely the PAM Roundtable 1 ; Building Industry Policy Community (BIPC) which involves Industry leaders and policy makers, & the PAM Roundtable 2; for the Media.

#KLAFX | Outreach events

This year also looks at PAM creating out-reach events to the general public and the design community at large in participating and interact via social-media platform through the KLAFX events. KLAFX means extra, external, or collaborative, with 5 events which seek to promote informal & participatory discourse based on this year's event theme.

This year would see a first ever-architecture festival Pavillion for the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival, under #KLAFXPAVILLION by designer Jun Ong.



Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) - Malaysian Institute of Architects - is the national professional institute representing architects in Malaysia, founded in 1920

PAM is the organiser of the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2016, and had founded the event since its inception in 2003.

The Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival is part of PAM's ongoing efforts in establishing Kuala Lumpur as Leader in innovation, technology, thinking and practice, of Architecture, Design, Sustainability & Urbanism, by promoting a platform for course and networking with the public, fellow designers & architects, industry leaders & policy makers.

The mission statement of the Institute is "To promote the advancement of architecture and the architectural profession for the betterment of society.

PAM is also looking to the future with a soft launch of the New PAM Centre at Jalan Tanduk, Bangsar, on the 29th of July 2016, during the Architecture Festival period.